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Creative Direction

With over 5 years of professional Creative Direction experience, I am confident in working directly with clients to build social media and advertisement creatives to boost their online presence effectively. I am highly proficient in Adobe Suite, and pick up any new platforms and programs very quickly. I am absolutely obsessed with keeping up with the ever-changing social media platforms, and excel at bringing targeted aesthetics to life.

At this time, I am looking for more avant-garde projects to unleash my creative energy and finesse my creative management process.



Laced Waist Shop

Vintage Model

This is a project currently underway and not yet live. This shop focuses on unique vintage finds and curated handmade goods in Denton, TX. 
I am currently directing a team of creatives in developing social media graphics and photography for ecommerce.


Church Base

In 2021, with the newly formed Growth Team, I led a team of creatives in a social media and sales funnel campaign for Church Base - a SaaS company focused on serving pastors and churches. Our Easter campaign went viral and the company saw a 300% boost in subscriptions.

Easter Ad.png
Designer Beef Profile Picture.png


Designer Beef

In 2021, I led a team of creatives in branding and social media content creation, and website design. 

Designer Beef is a boutique dried beef provider serving North Texas, and thanks to our social media and advertisement efforts, they sold out in their first season.

Check out the branding guide here.

Visit their website here.


Nicky James Burch

Nicky James Burch started as a Youtuber specializing in acrylic paint-pouring. I joined the team in August 2017 as Creative Director - I produced all videos, designed all graphics, managed all social media channels associated with James Burch Media (most notably Art Inspirations), and produced all content for her book Get Started in Paint Pouring
Original Facebook Viral Video at >1M views

Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odd is Art




In April 2021, I led a team of creatives in brand refinement, website design, and sales funnel creative design.

Elevate Social is a boutique social media management company that serves life coaches. They needed a creative boost to reach their target market of affluent coaches in need of social media management.

Check out the branding guide here.

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