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Meredith + Drew Canyon Adventure Elopement

Meredith and Drew are an incredibly smart and adventurous couple! Hailing from busy Dallas, TX, they wanted a private vow exchange at an iconic Texas location, free from people so they could soak each other up for the entire day without having to worry about entertaining. The Lighthouse at Palo Duro Canyon was the perfect adventure.

About an hour and a half before sunrise, we set out on the 3 mile hike to the Lighthouse. This is a fairly popular trail in the canyon, but since we hiked so early on a Sunday morning, Meredith and Drew had the entire trail and rock formation to themselves for their blue-hour ceremony.

Meredith and Drew changed into their wedding attire at the rock, and had their first look in the very spot where they exchanged vows. Coyotes, roadrunners, and sleepy woodpeckers were the only witnesses of their emotional promises. They kissed seconds before the sun peeked over the canyon edge, and celebrated as the desert sky turned a brilliant gradient of purple, pink, and orange.

As the canyon blazed orange, they attempted to watch the sunrise together - they had such a hard time keeping their eyes off of each other. They shared some sweet kisses and their first dance on the iconic rock formation.

After their first dance, they explored the south side of Lighthouse Rock, steeped in desert vegetation and dramatic outcroppings. The light was changing rapidly, and the desert looked like it was dancing! Of course, this meant Meredith and Drew needed to dance along.

Afterwards, it was time to start heading back towards the trailhead. We needed to be off of the canyon floor before the temperatures reached triple digits. It was time to gear up and head out. Meredith and Drew changed into their hiking shoes and scrambled down the Lighthouse into the now sun-drenched canyon.

Meredith and Drew took plenty of breaks to meander along washes and share a cold sparkling water together. They made it a mission to dance across the canyon - and did not disappoint!

Day hikers were starting to notice the newlyweds on the trail, so Meredith and Drew stole away to a canyon wall down a wash for one last intimate moment.

When we arrived back at the trailhead, we were greeted by park rangers in tents! They were absolutely ecstatic about the newlyweds returning from trail, and celebrated by giving us cold water.

Congratulations, Meredith and Drew! I had so much fun documenting your intimate canyon adventure!

Meredith and Drew received the Texas Adventure package with planning assistance and gear rental. To learn more about the Texas Adventure Package, please contact us! Palo Duro Canyon is a remote wilderness park, and should be treated as such. We practice Leave No Trace principles, follow all Texas State park guidelines, and educate our couples to do the same.

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