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Texas Elopement Hidden Gems

It can seem a little daunting to find a secluded place to elope to in a state as big as Texas. All the best places to wed have already been listed in the "Best of Texas" blog posts, and have since become popular thanks to Instagram and geotagging. Where's a couple supposed to have a truly intimate elopement these days? Check out these little known Texas gems that you'd be totally stoked to explore, and we think would be totally magical for your adventure wedding day.

Caprock Canyon


Caprock Canyon is commonly overshadowed by the larger Palo Duro canyon an hour and a half north, but definitely should not be overlooked as a gorgeous and remote elopement location. This canyon adventure is perfect if you're looking for seclusion, but don't mind 300 bison crashing the party.

Scenic views are absolutely everywhere, and easily accessible. If you're up for more adventure, Caprock boasts over 90 miles of trails to hike and bike. The landscape is dotted with natural bridges, sparkling hoodoos, gypsum-veined walls, and a cave completely covered in dripping ferns. Grab a wedding latte early in the morning at The Coffee Mill in Quitaque, exchange vows at an overlook nestled in the junipers, explore the canyon on horseback and picnic on the Little Red River.

Here are our favorite trails at Caprock Canyon:

Haynes Ridge Overlook

Fern Cave

Natural Bridge

Big Bend Ranch


Even if you google Big Bend Ranch State Park wedding, you will still get "Big Bend National Park" at the top of the search results. That's what makes BBRSP such a hidden gem - hardly anyone even knows it exists! And unlike BBNP, the state park has two trails that are pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry friend along!

There are tons of options for activities for your adventure. Why not take a morning hike to a slot canyon to exchange your vows, explore the Rio Grande, and then take a sunset horseback ride to a campfire meal prepared by a private chef under the stars? And with those clear, big Texas skies, you'll be sure to see the milky way.

Here are a few of our favorite scenic trails, for both hiking and 4x4:

Closed Canyon

Cinco Tinajas

Cienega Creek Loop

Contrabando Trail System

Cave Without a Name


The Queen's Throne room of the Cave Without A Name in Boerne, TX is a majestic way to start your lives together. Escape the Texas summer heat with a 66 degree underground room full of stalactites and stalagmites. Bring a musician for your ceremony, because the acoustics in the throne room are known to be legendary.

After your ceremony, you can explore trails around the cave, or go horseback riding on nearby trails. If you're really into spelunking, you can head over to the nearby Natural Bridge Caverns for a private adventure tour! Or you can ride the nearby ziplines and go sailing on Boerne Lake. The possibilities are endless for a Boerne adventure elopement.

Franklin Mountains


This mountain range is about as far west as you can get in Texas, with stunning views of the Chihuahuan Desert. With over 100 miles of trails, there's an adventure for everyone. You can elope to an Aztec cave on the side of a mountain, or hike up past Mundy's Gap and exchange vows at the top of the desert mountain.

If you want a sun-drenched wedding adventure and a low chance of running into anyone else, this is definitely the Texas gem for you.

Salt Basin Dunes


A little known secret in the same national park that houses Texas' tallest mountain, the Salt Basin gypsum dunes are down a lonely, sandy road in West Texas. These are probably the best dunes outside of the White Sand dunes in New Mexico. The gypsum sands sparkle under the Texas sun while the Guadalupe cliffs tower over the dune field.

Keep in mind, these dunes do get extremely hot in the summer, and very windy in the winter. If you have dreams of eloping in the sand dunes, but don't want to leave the Lone Star State, it's best to plan your adventure in the spring or late autumn.

Caddo Lake


Bayou charm on the east Texas/Louisiana border, Caddo Lake is surrounded by cypress trees and Spanish moss. You have your pick of cozy lakeside cabins or secluded campsites nestled among the twists and turns of the natural lake. You can even book a cabin with its own private dock.

Imagine a quiet elopement ceremony, barefoot in the bayou. Afterwards, you can float the lake in a canoe, or perhaps take a boat tour to legendary fishing spots. Caddo Lake even has paddling trails, so you can soak in the beauty in your own time. Then scoot on down to Jefferson and enjoy an intimate dinner with the love of your life at one of their fine dining restaurants downtown.

After spending the last 25 years exploring all of Texas, we know we haven't even made a dent in all the wonderful things this state has to offer. Whether you're dreaming of a desert wedding trek or frolicking through Hill Country, we're here for you.

We've met so many vendors all across the Lone Star State who are equally as dedicated to making your dream come true. It's all in the name - stay magical.

To learn more about the Texas Adventure photography package, click here.

Ready to start planning the best day ever? Let us know, and let's get started!

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